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Electricity fixing

Running out of places to plug that charger or laptop in? Sooner or later everybody realizes that more, well placed, new sockets and switches and lights will make their life easier. The Flats clinic team will make sure that all your electric cables, boxes, sockets and switches are safe. We will place  lamps and lights, LED and spots wherever you wish and can even use our experience to advise you on placement.

Below are our guideline prices for our main electricity fixing services.  Although these are only guideline prices, and given to help you estimate the cost of the job. I would emphasize that our quoted cost after survey will be the full cost. The prices contain the labor and the material needed, except for visible, designer parts, like lamps, switches, sockets. These prices are without VAT.

  • chiseling out the cable  channels: 380Ft/m
  • backbox fitting: 180Ft/pc.
  • fitting the conduit/pipe and the cable into the channels: 280Ft/m
  • pulling: 550Ft/m
  • installation and replacement of circuit breaker boxes (consumer units)  circuit breakers: 45,000Ft/pc.
  • connectors: 80Ft/pair
  • switches: 750Ft/pc.
  • sockets: 850Ft/pc.
  • Spot light: 1,200Ft/pc.
  • ceiling light rose: 2,800Ft/pc.
  • ceiling light pendant: 2,000Ft/pc.
  • call out fee: 5,500Ft
  • all other work not listed : 8,500Ft/hour
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