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Plumbing units

We undertake your kitchen`s and bathroom`s whole renovation. Fixing, replacing, moving, redesigning toilets, bathtubs, showers, sinks, kitchen units. Plumbing units` construction.

furdoszobafelujitasBelow are our guideline prices for our main electricity fixing services.  Although these are only guideline prices, and given to help you estimate the cost of the job. I would emphasize that our quoted cost after survey will be the full cost. The prices contain the labor and the material needed, except for visible, designer parts, like bathtub, taps. These prices are without VAT.

  • Building in bathtub: 17,500Ft
  • Removal of existing bathtub fittings: 65,000Ft/unit
  • Fitting shower tray + falazás: 11,500Ft
  • Tap replacement: 7,500Ft
  • Sarokszelep csere: 4,000Ft/db
  • Mosdó, mosogató szifon cseréje: 6,500Ft/ db
  • Toilet replacement: 9,500Ft/db
  • WC tartály: 7,500Ft/db
  • Boiler fitting: 13,500Ft
  • Boiler cleaning: 16,500Ft
  • Washing machine or Dishwasher fitting: 7,500Ft/db
  • Building in shower unit: 25-45,000Ft/db
  • Removal of existing shower fittings: 7,000 Ft/db
  • Call out fee: 5,500Ft
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