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Wall and floor tiling

Cracked? Shabby? Rusty? Or you just don`t like it?

Change it!

We will undertake the full renovation of your tiles everywhere in your flat from the floor to the ceiling.

burkolasHere we have listed a guideline price for our main services. Although these are only guideline prices, and given to help you estimate the cost of the job. I would emphasize that our quoted cost after survey will be the full cost. It will contain the full labor and necessary materials, but won`t include the visible materials like the tiles, because their price is very changeable depending the design and quality. These prices are without VAT. 

Wall and floor tiling

  • Traditional grid design: 2,800Ft/m
  • Diagonal tiling: 4,500Ft/m2
  • Floor leveling: 550Ft/m2
  • Removal of existing tiles: 1,100Ft/m2
  • Rendering: 1,800Ft/m2
  • Mosaics: 8,500Ft/m2
  • Special decoration of tiles: 1,450Ft/m2
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